Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Losing weight can be easy

Losing weight is a phenomenon that a great many people have struggled with over and over again. Perhaps we know ourselves how difficult it can be to find the right type of diet that is likely to work for us. Perhaps you know someone who has tried a
Weight watchers diet or the Jenny Craig diet. It just is not easy to lose weight and finding what works can be the hardest thing to do.

I could use a diet that would help me shed a few pounds. I do possess an unsightly paunch and I would not mind getting rid of it entirely or even reduce its size to some extent. Sometimes I feel that for a man of my tender age it is not that easy to lose my belly. Especially given the fact that I do enjoy a pint of ale at the end of the day and in general I also enjoy my food.

Of course, one could try the Jenny Craig diet but the other day I came across the site of the Fat Loss Guru, which seems much more promising. It genuinely is very refreshing to find a diet that can help me lose weight. A diet like this could help people with chronic illnesses like diabetes, adrenal fatigue, hormonal problems and others.

This is a great diet because it is simple and straight-forward with its fat burning diet generator. It also comes with an ultimate diet handbook. Give it a chance if you are looking for a fat burning diet that really works. We can all use a little help along the way. The path to a more healthy way of life and losing weight in a responsible and sensible way could start by getting going with the Fat Loss Guru. This one really works and that is no small thing.

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Friday, 15 August 2008


Looks like I will have a chance of a flat in Balmain, that part of Sydney where I would love to live. I can't wait to start my new life and am even looking forward to some of the more prozaic elements involved in setting up home. I will be sad to leave Bristol and England and will miss the warm-hearted people here in the West Country.
But, new pastures beckon and a whole new phase in my life is about to start. I long to make this new place my home, to put down roots at long last and to discover my heritage to the full extent.
Roll on October!

Friday, 8 August 2008


London has for many years been the centre of my universe. Let me explain: I have always been focussed on the English speaking world in general and Britain and England in particular. There is just so much that I admire and appreciate about English culture, language, history et cetera. Simply too much to mention. Suffice to say that London has been a pivotal focal point in my endeavours and aspirations.

I do not live in London, however, but I do enjoy each and every day trip to that most impressive of capital cities. Of course, it is a major world financial centre with the brokers and businesses in the City being a veritable economic powerhouse for the region as well as the country. And of course, all of these firms and businesses will need a superb London Recruitment plan in order to attract the best possible staff for their vacancies.

One of the best solutions would be to get on board with MKH Advertising. MKH Advertising is one of the top five recruitment advertising agencies in the United Kingdom. They happen to have clients in almost every conceivable market sector. They can offer the complete range of employee communications, recruitment advertising employer branding solutions so you will be utterly satisfied with their services.

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With just a few weeks to go I am busy looking through my many books, DVDs and CDs to see what I can take with me, have shipped over and what I need to leave behind. It's funny how you can get attached to the physical form of a book much more than a film on DVD. I love films but I can take or leave the actual DVD but when it comes down to having to get rid of a much loved book it's gut-wrenching. Still, must keep going.
There is news on the flat. It's a definite possibility.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Phone blasting system

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Flat inspection

My friend in Sydney will now be able to have a look at that flat next week. I really hope it's half decent and remotely suitable as it would be such a help if I could get a flat without too much aggro. I'm quite looking forward to setting up home on my own again. There will be hard times but I am a born survivor and a congenital optimist. No worries, mate!