Sunday, 14 December 2008

Emerald Forest

I love great new snacks or nice chewing gums or sweets. There are some lovely snacks out there but it is not often that you find a great sweet or snack that you really love. After all, we are here to enjoy ourselves aren’t we? At least enjoying nice foods should be a part of it, in my honest opinion.

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The holidays are imminent and I am not quite feeling it yet. The fact that it is summer here doesn't help either. But I'm sure we'll have fun. It will be quite different given my altered circumstances.
It's a hard time for single and lonely people, though. But I'm not a Scrooge and I like the fact that people are having fun at Christmas time. Live it up..

Friday, 5 December 2008

The Weston Taylor collection

As a child of the eighties I have to say that I still love vinyl records, whether they are lps or single 45s. There was just something special about a vinyl disc and the sleeve that they were wrapped in. I have nothing against compact discs but I am not at all bothered about the artwork on the disc sleeve whereas that was part of the excitement with vinyl records. Some of my most treasured belongings are records and some I will never part with, come what may.
You may have heard of who just happen to be the world leaders in rare and deleted records, as well as cds and music memorabilia. If you are looking for that one special item that is missing from your music collection, then this is the place to look. recently came across an amazing collection of vinyl records that once belonged to Weston Taylor. Weston Taylor was a much loved and respected entertainment critic who worked for the News of the World and renowned music and entertainment magazines in the United States. His collection, which was asked to have a look at, is truly stunning. It contains almost seven thousand pristine quality vinyl LPs and singles. It is clear that they were stored with much care and love and had looked after for over fifty years.
I think that were very fortunate indeed to come across the Weston Taylor Collection, a remarkable music collection belonging to a remarkable man.


Friday, 28 November 2008

A pretty picture

Pic I took of the bridge the other day. I wanted to get the flag in there as well. I love travelling around on the ferries; it's just such an elegant way to get about town. Cool and easy; just like me..ahum..

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Snapbomb for bloggers

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Aussie spring?

Well, here I am in Australia, it's spring and the weather is pretty awful. Rain, and some more rain. I've had some wonderful warm days as well and I'm sure that all too soon the hot and steamy summer will be upon us. But this weekend appears to be something of a veritable wash-out. Still, never mind. It gives me a chance to catch up on some work around the house. Yeah, right!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Great auto repair

I have always loved driving. Just the feeling of driving your own car in total freedom along the highways and byways is a wonderful thing. But of course no one likes to have a collision. But it can happen and when it does you want to make sure you get your self a trustworthy collision repair outfit such as Collision Repair Experts which is one of the great companies at auto body shops buena park. They connect consumers with the best and most trusted local auto body shops. Give them a try and you will see how good they are. Check them out!

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Friday, 14 November 2008

Oz..oh yeah!

Just over a month since I landed at Sydney Airport and things are working out rather well. I have my own place, some furniture and am really enjoying myself here. Life just seems a bit easier down here and I am really getting accustomed to a more laid-back attitude to life. Lord knows I could do with unwinding a bit. I think I might get into Tai Chi over here. Yesterday, I went for a swim in the local pool. I think it is all going to work out okay.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Here we are

Here we are. A few weeks into my new life in Sydney and I am loving every minute of it. It has been a rather hectic time with sorting out things and getting my new incarnation launched. You know the sort of thing: an endless series of visits to an endless series of offices of various authorities, getting pieces of paper to get other pieces of paper. Et cetera ad infinitum et ad nauseam. But mostly people have been thoroughly friendly and genuinely helpful. At times, the service offered was way beyond the call of duty. I like my fellow Aussies; there, I've said it.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Arrived in Oz

Last Monday was the big day: My arrival on Australian soil. It was quite a momentous occasion and the omens were good from the start. It was a gorgeous bright day and I loved riding in the back of a friend's car as they took me to Balmain, hopefully to be my new home.

As we drove through the gigantic city, vistas of the stunning Anzac Bridge and its more famous cousing popped up unexpectedly. The place looked amazing. I feel amazing. I've come home..

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A French ski holiday

I love going on holiday in summer and soaking up the rays on some Mediterranean coast or other. But my real passion lies with winter sports and alpine holidays. My best ever ski holiday was in France, and it was truly a wonderful holiday experience. I would certainly recommend Ski Holidays France as France is a perfect destination for ski holidays.

My family and I went on a fantastic ski holiday to the French sky holiday of Morzine. We all had a wonderful time and enjoyed staying in this lovely alpine resort. Morzine is located about forty miles east of the stylish city of Geneva in the heart of the Portes du Soleil, which just happens to be the world’s largest international ski area. This is the ultimate ski holiday destination with so much to offer visitors.

Morzine is a traditional destination with beautiful chalets perched on forested mountainsides. Here you will no doubt find that special atmosphere closely associated with a winter alpine holiday. There is a wealth of facilities in Morzine such as a skating rink, several swimming pools, a huge range of shops, cinemas, cleared walking paths, horse drawn sleighs, tobogganing and much more besides. There are all manner of slopes in Morzine and you are bound to find the perfect ski holiday right here. Check it out!

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Last Wednesday was my last working day and my colleagues had seen to it that I had a very good day. It was strange to go through the day, carrying out my usual tasks, knowing that it was the very last day in that particular work place. I was a tad maudlin when leaving but luckily we went straight to the pub for a few lovely pints.

I'm not to keen on goodbyes and usually try to slip away unnoticed. Not so this time, it's just too important an event to be able to do that. And that's a good thing.

Travel advertising

Have you ever seen a poster on a wall somewhere depicting a glorious white sand tropical beach, complete with palm trees swaying and the azure blue waves lapping on to the sands? I would wager that you were enticed by this powerful image and could almost envisage your self lounging on that very beach, sipping from a cool tall drink of something nice.

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Just a few more days to go until the big trip down under and there are cardboard boxes everywhere. My many belongings will wind there way to Sydney in due course and I will have fun unpacking them all, I can tell you. I spoke to a friendly bloke at the shipping company and he made me feel that all will be well. So, just counting down the days now in autumnal Bristol. Let's go!

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Friday, 19 September 2008

Poetry magazine

Good news, one and all. I have revived Ancient Heart Magazine from its erstwhile slumber. You can now find the mag right here. Have a look and consider submitting a poem or passing it on to any poetry-loving amigos you might have.

Submitting is in the format of a comment as the mag is set up as a blog. You just need to leave a comment on the last entry containing your poem and some other info. Full details on the sight. Have fun!

New marine species

Today in the news an article about a survey that found about five hundred new marine species off the coasts of Australia. The survey found these species on the Great Barrier Reef and also on the Ningaloo Reef. There are some stunning pictures of these new creatures.

It must be fascinating for a scientific team to discover species that are new to science. I can imagine the thrill of finding something that was hitherto utterly unknown to the boffins. I am sure there must be many more to be unearthed, in the depths of the oceans but also in places like Kalimantan and Papua New Guinea.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Churchill said it best

Found this comment:

"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."
Sir Winston Churchill

in the comments section following this news article in the Times about the official introduction of Sharia law in the United Kingdom. I am sure that there are problems in most Western nations but news like this does depress me. One law for UK citizens, a convenient alternative law for muslims choosing to live in the UK.
Bad news for Britain and bad news for muslim women living in Britain. Progress into the abyss..

Friday, 12 September 2008

Selling your house

Buying and selling your home can be a very trying and frustrating business. There are legal fees, dealings with estate agents, financial repercussions; there is just so much to worry about, all things considered. And yet, there are, of course, other options. Some people would just like to say to someone: Sell My House, and just take care of everything. That would be so much easier, now wouldn’t it? Of course it would.

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You may want to release equity from your house or you may want to rent your home with the option of buying it back. You see, there is a whole host of options available to you.

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Monday, 8 September 2008

Bring it on!

Palm trees in tropical Cairns. I can't wait for a bit of real sunshine. I feel the need to get away from the grey English drizzle. August is just over but already it feels like the end of November.
Just get me some thongs (flip-flops) and I'll be off and running!


Just went to the post office and got some currency for Oz. The bills are very colourful, they remind me a bit of the Dutch money at least before they were forced to adopt Brussels Dosh. There are just a few weeks to go and I'm counting down and am rearing to go. The lounge is full of boxes I will have sent to me, my suitcases are ready and everything seems to be sorted out.

I hope the spring and summer in Sydney will be a good one after the dysmal summer here in England. I wonder whether I will take to the outdoors life and beaches. Slip, slop, slap, of course..

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Not long now

It's only a few more weeks before I leave these shores for my new homeland Australia. I keep thinking I should be busier with preparations but somehow I can't think of much more to sort out. I'm sure it will be okay. My possessions are packed up in cardboard boxes and I think it will be fine.

Just on the news: state of emergency in Bangkok. I'm flying to Sydney via that city and hope it won't interfere with my travel arrangements. I can't wait to go now and find this time of near-limbo a bit difficult to deal with to some extent. Still, I'm sure the next few weeks will fly by.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Losing weight can be easy

Losing weight is a phenomenon that a great many people have struggled with over and over again. Perhaps we know ourselves how difficult it can be to find the right type of diet that is likely to work for us. Perhaps you know someone who has tried a
Weight watchers diet or the Jenny Craig diet. It just is not easy to lose weight and finding what works can be the hardest thing to do.

I could use a diet that would help me shed a few pounds. I do possess an unsightly paunch and I would not mind getting rid of it entirely or even reduce its size to some extent. Sometimes I feel that for a man of my tender age it is not that easy to lose my belly. Especially given the fact that I do enjoy a pint of ale at the end of the day and in general I also enjoy my food.

Of course, one could try the Jenny Craig diet but the other day I came across the site of the Fat Loss Guru, which seems much more promising. It genuinely is very refreshing to find a diet that can help me lose weight. A diet like this could help people with chronic illnesses like diabetes, adrenal fatigue, hormonal problems and others.

This is a great diet because it is simple and straight-forward with its fat burning diet generator. It also comes with an ultimate diet handbook. Give it a chance if you are looking for a fat burning diet that really works. We can all use a little help along the way. The path to a more healthy way of life and losing weight in a responsible and sensible way could start by getting going with the Fat Loss Guru. This one really works and that is no small thing.

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Friday, 15 August 2008


Looks like I will have a chance of a flat in Balmain, that part of Sydney where I would love to live. I can't wait to start my new life and am even looking forward to some of the more prozaic elements involved in setting up home. I will be sad to leave Bristol and England and will miss the warm-hearted people here in the West Country.
But, new pastures beckon and a whole new phase in my life is about to start. I long to make this new place my home, to put down roots at long last and to discover my heritage to the full extent.
Roll on October!

Friday, 8 August 2008


London has for many years been the centre of my universe. Let me explain: I have always been focussed on the English speaking world in general and Britain and England in particular. There is just so much that I admire and appreciate about English culture, language, history et cetera. Simply too much to mention. Suffice to say that London has been a pivotal focal point in my endeavours and aspirations.

I do not live in London, however, but I do enjoy each and every day trip to that most impressive of capital cities. Of course, it is a major world financial centre with the brokers and businesses in the City being a veritable economic powerhouse for the region as well as the country. And of course, all of these firms and businesses will need a superb London Recruitment plan in order to attract the best possible staff for their vacancies.

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With just a few weeks to go I am busy looking through my many books, DVDs and CDs to see what I can take with me, have shipped over and what I need to leave behind. It's funny how you can get attached to the physical form of a book much more than a film on DVD. I love films but I can take or leave the actual DVD but when it comes down to having to get rid of a much loved book it's gut-wrenching. Still, must keep going.
There is news on the flat. It's a definite possibility.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Phone blasting system

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Flat inspection

My friend in Sydney will now be able to have a look at that flat next week. I really hope it's half decent and remotely suitable as it would be such a help if I could get a flat without too much aggro. I'm quite looking forward to setting up home on my own again. There will be hard times but I am a born survivor and a congenital optimist. No worries, mate!

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Bugs for brunch

Have a look at this story of a pest controller who got lost in the Outback in WA and survived by gorging on the inhabitants of a termite mound. It's the type of story the news media just love. Can you picture the angle: a bug man who surives an ordeal by eating bugs. Pretty amazing story none-the-less and the was ultimately rescued by a group of Aborigal people. Bugs for brunch anyone?

Monday, 28 July 2008

Camping holidays

It seems as though the news is consistently worrying and everyone seems to be feeling the pinch of the changing financial and economic situation. Everyone is looking for ways to economise and cut back on some essentials. It is not easy for anyone these days. Whereas once upon a time many people would easily book one or more package holidays a year, these days people are looking for different ways in which they can enjoy a fun holiday without it having to cost an arm and a leg.

One way to do just this is to go Camping Europe, and enjoy a great camping holiday. The benefits of a traditional camping holiday are many. You can cook your own meals, which saves on money. And, let’s face it; there is nothing quite like cooking your own meal in the great outdoors. It is fun and the food tastes amazing in the fresh air. You save money on accommodation costs as camping is always much less expensive than staying in a hotel or an apartment. You can choose where to go while you are out on the road and be flexible about where you end up,which is always fun.

But apart from the sensible cost-saving reasons to go camping it is just plain good fun. You get to spend time outdoors, perhaps near a forest or lake and go hiking or cycling. Also, I always found it is much easier to socialise on a campsite as there is generally a nice, friendly atmosphere and people don’t mind having a chat.

It’s a great way to go on holiday and it will save you money.

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Still no news on the putative flat, I'm afraid. I'm just hanging in there. Yesterday, my in-laws were visiting which was very strange. It was sociable enough but I found it very difficult as well. It is just so sad to have to accept that my wife and I no longer are a couple. I find it really hurts even though there is no acrimony. What a strange trip it still is..

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Barcelona city-break

Europe is really a fascinating part of the world. You can’t beat if for culture and history. There are endless wonders to behold and most every country has something different and equally worthwhile to offer the visiting traveller. Some people rave about Paris, which I love and which is unique in so many ways. Some other people prefer cities such as Vienna or Rome, both of which are simply stunning.

Personally, I love going on European City Breaks as it is so convenient to travel around Europe and take in some of its amazing charm. One of my all time favourite city destinations has to be the Catalan city of Barcelona. This elegant and refined city has it all; stunning architecture, some of the finest cuisine in the world, a beach and a marina. It’s all there in spades.

Just wandering through the old Gothic quarter near the famous boulevard the Rambla is a wonderful experience. Or else admire some of Gaudi’s masterpieces which are dotted around the cities. His cathedral The Sagrada Familia has to be seen to be believed.

And don’t forget to join the locals on a Sunday morning for a stroll around the lovely Parc Guell with its Modernism objets d’art. I love Barcelona as it is such a stylish city. You will find everything that makes life good in this jewel of a city. I would recommend it as a destination for anyone who likes the good things in life. Enjoy!

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Sunday, 20 July 2008

Long Reef, North Sydney on a blustery autumnal day back in 2005. My wife and I were being driven around some of the sights in Sydney by friends. We had fish and chips somewhere near Manly and had a look around Long Reef and North Head. It was a good day out and it was rounded off nicely by a lovely dinner with friends at their beautiful house on the northern shores.


I'm still waiting to find out more about that lead on a flat in Balmain. It would be fantastic if it were suitable enough but apparently it's hard for my friend there to pin down the people involved. So, I just have to remain patient and not get my hopes up too high.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Fingers crossed

I'm still waiting to find out more about that flat I mentioned. A friend of mine will be trying to get to see the flat in order to establish whether it would be suitable and I am waiting to hear back from her. Fingers crossed indeed!

Pope in Oz

Been following the news of the Pope’s visit to Sydney, with much interest. Apparently, the New South Wales government introduced a few new laws making it illegal to 'annoy' the pilgrims in any way. Seems a bit unnecessary to me. If you're willing to fly to the other side of the world to join in World Youth Day you are probably not that shaken by some annoying protester against something or other.
A tabloid had a big headline in which they called the Pope 'Benny', which just makes me cringe. It's so incredibly informal and irreverent but quite matey and chummy at the same time. Makes me wonder what I'm going to make of the Aussie spirit once I'm there..

Saturday, 12 July 2008


Just heard from a friend that an acquaintance will be leaving his flat in Balmain round about the time I am moving to Sydney. This could be very interesting in theory. I will have to hope that I am lucky. My friend is going to make enquiries and I will keep you posted. The flat's location is in-between my friend's place and the local pub. Could be worse..

Friday, 11 July 2008

More bound for Oz

Heard last night that two good friends of mine, he English and she an Aussie, are moving to South Australia in January. It looks as though there will be plenty of people I know around the place once I am settled down in Sydney. It will be good to keep in touch with them over there. Funny sort of thing life. You never know what's around the corner. Really..

Thursday, 10 July 2008


It ocurred to me the other day that the title of this blog will soon be slightly obsolete. There are just a few months until I make the move and once I am there I will no longer be 'Bound for Oz'. What shall I do. I do want to continue penning down my impressions of living in Australia and let you know how I'm getting on. Perhaps I'll just keep the title or change the title but leave the URL intact. We'll see. 'She'll be right.'


One of the things that I want to see once I get settled in Australia is Kakadu National Park up in the Northern Territory. I imagine it to be a stunning natural environment and one that makes a lasting impression. It would be good to have a guide show me around or join some sort of tour as long as it's not too touristy. I can't wait to explore this vast and fascinating country.

Tips and suggestions

If anyone out there has any useful tips or suggestions for a newly single man moving to Australia then by all means leave a comment and I will respond to it. Although I was of course born in Australia I grew up in Holland and have lived the last eight years in the U.K. so to all intents and purposes you can to some extent compare my situation to someone migrating from England to Oz. And as there are multitudes of Brits moving Down Under every year some might have a useful tip or two for me. So, leave a comment if you want to share your experiences with me.


I need to start packing some of my belongings for the big trip. I won't be taking any items of furniture or other big things. I will be having my books and DVDs posted once I get settled somewhere more or less permanently. Luckily, my ex-partner will be staying on in the house so there is no hurry to divide things up or anything.
It will just be me, my large suitcase and my brand-new laptop arriving at Sydney Airport in Octover. Deo Volente, of course, but that goes without saying..

Shark in lake

An slightly puzzling article in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday about a fisherman who found a Great White shark in a lake as he tried to empy his nets. The article does not mention how a great white got into the lake in the first place. Did someone empy their fishbowl containing the shark into the lake? Apparently, details of the story are scarce as the fisherman involved 'is an elderly man who has a distrust of the media'. Perhaps he prefers the shark to the media hyenas and ghouls. Can't blame him, really..


Heard back from a job application last week and it was a no go. I am not too bothered by it as it was a job with the police institute and although it was located in Manly I was not that keen, really. But it's all good experience and it will prepare me for when I arrive in Sydney and will have to start job hunting for real.
I thought to myself this week that perhaps I will look for something else than just jobs as a library assistant. After a number of years of working in both public and university libraries I really wouldn't mind a complete change. Something that takes me outdoors, for instance, could be just what's called for. Ideas are fomenting as I speak...

Friday, 4 July 2008


Just got back from visiting my Dutch family and friends in that funny miniscule country. It was good to catch up with my siblings and prepare for the big move later in the year. Luckily, it won't be the last time I see them before I set off to Oz as I will be hopping across the Channel one more time in a few weeks' time.

Everyone seemed very supportive regarding my plans to relocate to sunny Sydney and it's good to know they understand my motives. After all, it's a long way to go and none of us know what the future holds, do we?

Should have brought back some cheese..

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Uluru and trouble

As everywhere else Australia has its fair share of social problems. Here is an article about the elders in Central Australia threatening to close Uluru (or Ayers Rock as it was formerly known)to tourists as a protest over government interventions in Aboriginal communities in an effort to tackle addiction, widespread child abuse and other social ills. It would be a shame if tourists could no longer see the big rock and it would of course harm the Australian tourism industry.

Derwent River

This is one of my favourite pictures, taken from a little cruiser in Hobart harbour a few years ago. I just love how waves and the lines of the bridge interact with the hazy hills in the distance. I loved Tasmania with its ancient silent forests. Hobart was an interesting place. I don't think I could live there but it has some nice features.


Just opened my Aussie bank account. It's amazing what you can do online without actually being in the country. It was very easy to set up. I also found out that apparently Australian banks charge you a monthly amount just for the privilege of having an account with them. That's a new one on me, I have to say. But, when in Rome, obviously. When I get to Sydney all I need to do is produce myself at my branch of choice and I will be off and running. It's funny counting down to the off, it's very exciting as well as a bit scary. Oh well. I'm sure all will be well. 'She'll be right'..

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Apply yourself, young man!

Just spotted another library assistant vacancy, this time at Sydney University, which is the place I am trying to get in to so that would be good. It's only part-time and fixed-term at that, so by no means ideal but I'll go for it none-the-less. You've got to be in it to win it, right?

Monday, 16 June 2008


Not quite sure how to ship my belongs over to Oz yet. I won't be taking any furniture or large items, after all it's just me who's going. I will want my books and films on DVD so I will have to make a start with selecting which ones I will want to ship over. I hate the fact that my wife and I will be doing the cliche chore of dividing up our CDs and DVDs. In the end, a separation is a great leveller.

Long Reef

Long Reef, North of Sydney, a spectacular headland and series of cliffs. When I was there, a few years ago, the weather was blustery and a tad chilly, although the skies were filled with the most amazing cloud formations.

Reason for leaving

Okay then, the reason I am leaving England for Sydney is that my marriage has ended and I will be single again soon. So, that's a nice mixed bag of turmoil, feelings and anxiety to deal with, I'm sure you'll agree. I'll be alright. I've always been a survivor and have had to deal with a fair number of scrapes and tight spots. What can I say? Life is a prankster, that much I have learnt.
Just when you think you have it all Fate rears its ominous head and hits you for six. I've had a really good life here in Bristol over the past eight years, but perhaps the cliche is true that all good things must come to an end. I always refused to believe that but recent events have altered my scope significantly.


Put through another job application over the weekend. It's a position with the Australian Police Federation. We'll see. One thing that helps is that these days you can easily apply for jobs online or through email. That certainly makes things easier. Fingers crossed once again.
I'm going through ups and downs and no small measure of trepidation at times. I know that going to Australia is the right thing to do but it is also a leap into the unknown. After all, I'm leaving behind a very comfortable life here in England. But sometimes in life you just need to take a chance. I have realised a while ago that you regret the things you haven't done more than the things you have done. Fingers crossed?

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Bit of fun

You never take me anywhere, you never buy me flowers, you never phone your mother, you’re always in the pub...’

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Great Barrier Reef

Three years ago my wife and I visited Australia. This was the first time I'd been back to the country in over thirty-five years. As part of our tour across this vast and fascinating land we did a tour in a tiny Cessna plane over the Barrier Reef. We took this picture through one of the little windows as we glided over the amazing blue and green colours of the Reef. We also did some snorkeling and generally had a great time up in Cairns, Queensland.

Countdown to moving to Australia

At the quite ripe old age of thirty-three I will be pursuing my life's dream at long last. After having lived in the Netherlands for thirty odd years and a period of eight years in merry England I will be moving permanently to Sydney, Australia. I was born there but only lived there for the first five years of my life. Circumstances dictated that I would live most of my life elsewhere but now, once again circumstances having changed, I will be making my long-awaited move to Oz.

This blog is meant to detail the countdown to the eventual migration; the preparation; the feelings and emotions as I will be saying goodbye to friends and family and places I have come to know so well. I hope you'll enjoy my online record of this momentous process.