Sunday, 19 October 2008

Arrived in Oz

Last Monday was the big day: My arrival on Australian soil. It was quite a momentous occasion and the omens were good from the start. It was a gorgeous bright day and I loved riding in the back of a friend's car as they took me to Balmain, hopefully to be my new home.

As we drove through the gigantic city, vistas of the stunning Anzac Bridge and its more famous cousing popped up unexpectedly. The place looked amazing. I feel amazing. I've come home..

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A French ski holiday

I love going on holiday in summer and soaking up the rays on some Mediterranean coast or other. But my real passion lies with winter sports and alpine holidays. My best ever ski holiday was in France, and it was truly a wonderful holiday experience. I would certainly recommend Ski Holidays France as France is a perfect destination for ski holidays.

My family and I went on a fantastic ski holiday to the French sky holiday of Morzine. We all had a wonderful time and enjoyed staying in this lovely alpine resort. Morzine is located about forty miles east of the stylish city of Geneva in the heart of the Portes du Soleil, which just happens to be the world’s largest international ski area. This is the ultimate ski holiday destination with so much to offer visitors.

Morzine is a traditional destination with beautiful chalets perched on forested mountainsides. Here you will no doubt find that special atmosphere closely associated with a winter alpine holiday. There is a wealth of facilities in Morzine such as a skating rink, several swimming pools, a huge range of shops, cinemas, cleared walking paths, horse drawn sleighs, tobogganing and much more besides. There are all manner of slopes in Morzine and you are bound to find the perfect ski holiday right here. Check it out!

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Last Wednesday was my last working day and my colleagues had seen to it that I had a very good day. It was strange to go through the day, carrying out my usual tasks, knowing that it was the very last day in that particular work place. I was a tad maudlin when leaving but luckily we went straight to the pub for a few lovely pints.

I'm not to keen on goodbyes and usually try to slip away unnoticed. Not so this time, it's just too important an event to be able to do that. And that's a good thing.

Travel advertising

Have you ever seen a poster on a wall somewhere depicting a glorious white sand tropical beach, complete with palm trees swaying and the azure blue waves lapping on to the sands? I would wager that you were enticed by this powerful image and could almost envisage your self lounging on that very beach, sipping from a cool tall drink of something nice.

Of course, there are very many ways in which travel advertising can make an impact. It is always a good idea to enlist a Full Service Advertising Agency such as Conrad Advertising. They offer a great range of services that are well worth looking into, I can guarantee.

Obviously, there are new technology features that serve to level the competitive playing field and ever more companies are entering the marketplace. You can see this everywhere and it means that it has never been more important to make your brand stand out. You need to give your potential customers compelling reasons to travel with you.

You should most certainly consider Conrad Advertising as they are uniquely placed to make this come about. They apply exceptional creativity and unrivalled media buying power to comprehensive campaigns making use of all media formats, both online as well as offline. Check them out to find out more information.

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Just a few more days to go until the big trip down under and there are cardboard boxes everywhere. My many belongings will wind there way to Sydney in due course and I will have fun unpacking them all, I can tell you. I spoke to a friendly bloke at the shipping company and he made me feel that all will be well. So, just counting down the days now in autumnal Bristol. Let's go!

The best television marketing

If you run any sort of business and want to run that business successfully you will need to look into advertising and marketing. It really is quite difficult to underestimate the importance of a serious marketing campaign and the positive results can be very impressive indeed. An outstanding Marketing Advertising campaign can mean genuine success for businesses and all manner of organisations, large or small.

A very important way of advertising is television marketing in all its many forms. The impact of television advertising and marketing is very direct. When you think about it you are more likely to notice a television marketing campaign than an advertisement in the pages of a newspaper or magazine. Television is direct and gets under your skin in an almost irresistible way. This direct impact is inherent to the medium and the best television marketing campaigns make the most of this aspect.

There are now hundreds of digital satellite television channels and it has to be said that this has dramatically altered the landscape for recruitment advertisers. Nearly three out of four households are watching digital television in some way or another and this gives this media channel a seventy percent and more penetration across the whole of the United Kingdom. There is much to be gained by maximising the potential of a digital television marketing campaign.

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