Friday, 5 December 2008

The Weston Taylor collection

As a child of the eighties I have to say that I still love vinyl records, whether they are lps or single 45s. There was just something special about a vinyl disc and the sleeve that they were wrapped in. I have nothing against compact discs but I am not at all bothered about the artwork on the disc sleeve whereas that was part of the excitement with vinyl records. Some of my most treasured belongings are records and some I will never part with, come what may.
You may have heard of who just happen to be the world leaders in rare and deleted records, as well as cds and music memorabilia. If you are looking for that one special item that is missing from your music collection, then this is the place to look. recently came across an amazing collection of vinyl records that once belonged to Weston Taylor. Weston Taylor was a much loved and respected entertainment critic who worked for the News of the World and renowned music and entertainment magazines in the United States. His collection, which was asked to have a look at, is truly stunning. It contains almost seven thousand pristine quality vinyl LPs and singles. It is clear that they were stored with much care and love and had looked after for over fifty years.
I think that were very fortunate indeed to come across the Weston Taylor Collection, a remarkable music collection belonging to a remarkable man.


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